There’s an axiom about editing that holds true: Bad editing is immediately apparent. Good editing is invisible.

A good, or excellent, editor helps produce a book that appears as though it was crafted in a literary immaculate conception. Given that, it can be hard to track down the work of an excellent editor. You can, however, do this by reading through an author’s acknowledgements in the books you love. Many writers will mention, and thank, the editors they worked with therein.

Sometimes we editors even take credit for our own work. And/or seek out testimonials from those we’ve worked with. In my case, I’m doing both. Which is why you’ll find this page split into two sections: Testimonials, and a partial editorial CV.


Michael Matheson came through on a tight deadline, while taking over editorial of the final book in a trilogy, and managed to make it feel as if we’d been working together since the beginning of the series. Michael recognized immediately what I wanted to do with my novel, and my series’ finale, and honed the book to make my voice and intent shine through. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Michael again, and would recommend anyone looking for an editor of the fantastic to do the same.

– Chadwick Ginther, author of the Thunder Road Trilogy

Michael Matheson is a consummate professional: organized, experienced and possessed of an amazing command of the field of genre literature. As an editor, their comments are incisive and insightful but never overbearing. They are capable of attending to the bigger picture in terms of plot and character arcs and equally comfortable at the level of the line where their strong knowledge of formatting, research methods, and style are invaluable. I worked with Michael for several years in my capacity as the managing editor of ChiZine Publications, and they proved themselves a rare talent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to my friends and colleagues.

Helen Marshall, Managing Editor of ChiZine Publications (2009-2012) and award-winning author of Hair Side, Flesh Side

Michael Matheson handled my project with deft hands, considering developmental, line editing, and proofing concerns in a single review. Michael provided excellent genre insight and kept me from certain category traps I had felt compelled to include, something I can only assume comes from Michael’s broad reading or work with publishers. I would recommend Michael’s editing in a flash.

Michael F. Stewart, author

I recently had the pleasure of working with Michael Matheson editing a story of mine for publication. Rarely have I worked with another editor so carefully attuned to the voice and intention of my work. They were incredibly detailed and accurate in every one of their suggestions, and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again for any future freelance editorial needs I might have. Highly recommended.

Andrew Wilmot, editor, and author of The Death Scene Artist

Editorial CV

What follows is a partial CV — a small sampling of books I’ve worked on in the last few years, in varying capacities. The material below only covers books currently published that I could find covers for, and omits ghostwriting/anything I’ve signed a NDA for.

CZP (ChiZine Publications)

(Substantive, line/copy, and/or proofreading, in various combinations)


Farafina Books

(Substantive and line/copy, co-edited with Chinelo Onwualu)

Sweet Crude Odyssey Cover

Green Ronin

(Substantive, line/copy, and/or proofreading, in various combinations)


(Proofreading and some sensitivity reading)


(Substantive and line/copy)

Chadwick Ginther - Too Far Gone


(Substantive and line/copy, some proofreading, and/or critique)