The inevitable side effect of writing is that one’s work requires editing.

Specifically, once the work of writing is done, a piece requires various levels of editing. Be it substantive/developmental, line, or copy editing/proofreading. Those types of edits constituting the following:

Substantive/developmental edits are large-scale assessments covering overall and integrated structure, narrative flow, pacing, plot, character, and internal consistency in fiction, and integrated structure, pacing, large-scale accuracy, and internal consistency in non-fiction. They help shape the overall course of a work.

Line edits address inconsistencies in character, voice, and plot on a line by line level in fiction, and inconsistencies in voice and structure on a line by line level in non-fiction. They’re meant to clean up the ongoing flow of a work.

Copy editing/proofreading covers the extreme basics. They’re an edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and a general check for typos–a last pass before a work goes to press.

I provide those services to both private clients and publishing houses. And in the latter context have worked on contractual bases with ChiZine Publications, Ravenstone Press, Exile Editions, and Explicit Books.

I charge to edit on a per page basis for fiction and non-fiction. With each page calculated as a manuscript page, so 250 words. The rates for my editorial work are calculated on a sliding scale, currently ranging from $2-$3/page for most types of editing. Though I charge a flat rate for both critical assessments–a written evaluation but no editing–and for editing academic work. The latter usually referencing PhD theses, though I’ve taken on other academic work in past as well.

The specific rates for my editorial services are covered on the Rates page.

On most jobs, I aim for a two week turnaround. Unless the work to be edited is over 200,000 words, which necessitates a longer turnaround. I provide a contract for the project undertaken, and require half payment up front, and half payment on completion of the project. I provide invoices to my clients each step of the way.

When working with publishers, I work to the publisher’s schedule for completion, and work with the publisher’s payment schedule.

To discuss the details of a project and get a quote for my editing services, go to the Contact page. Please include a sample of your work for me to assess the state of the project. About one chapter’s worth is usually ideal.