We all have stories to tell, be they fictional or our own, and information to share, both fictional and non-fictional. When you have the message, but not the voice to tell it, that’s where a ghostwriter comes in–helping you tell your story or share your message in your voice.

Working from assembled notes, outlines, sample writing, and any other reference material available, a ghostwriter both imitates your voice and presents the most polished and effective version of it. A ghostwriter doesn’t take credit for their work, though in some cases they are offered royalties on finished work, or even acknowledgement.

I provide ghostwriting services with no expectation of royalties or acknowledgement, and charge a flat rate based on an individual estimate per job, taking into account time that will be spent writing and the amount of research involved. My quotes tend to fall along the line of approximately .50/word, though that can go higher if there’s a heavy amount of research involved or my investment of time will be significantly higher.

The specific rates for my editorial services are covered on the Rates page.

Ghostwriting is a heavy investment of time. As such, you can expect at least a month’s turnaround time for approximately every 50,000 words of the project. Longer if there’s heavy research required. Discussions of required turnaround time will be had on a case by case basis. I provide a contract for the project undertaken, and require half payment up front, and half payment on completion of the project. I provide invoices to my clients each step of the way.

I am most effective when ghostwriting fiction or memoirs, though I will work on non-fiction as well. But in fiction I present the strongest background, as can be seen from the Bibliography on my author’s website. As well as having received four grants in three years for book length fiction projects from the Ontario Arts Council–one OAC Writers’ Work in Progress grant, and three OAC Writers’ Reserve grants.

To discuss the details of a project and get a quote for my ghostwriting services, go to the Contact page.